ThudianRejoy Thudian, Missionary to India


While I was studying in 10th grade, (1982) one of my friends and classmates, died with brain tumour.   When I came back from the school, I explained to my father about it, and after listening the sad news, He asked me two questions:  Why didn’t  God allow you to die today?  If you would have died today, where will you spend your eternity?  These questions touched my heart, God’s Spirit convicted me about sin and judgement on that day, I went to my room and confessed my sins to God, and received Christ as my saviour and Lord.  I took baptism in the same year.

God’s call

On my 15th birthday, my father called me in the morning and gave a verse from the Bible as a gift.  It was Isaiah 43:1. But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. This verse touched my heart and I committed my life to God for HIS service.


Wife: Mini Rejoy;  Sons;  Jeffrey Rejoy (18),  Jeremy Rejoy (14);


Bible School, Radio, Literature, Street evangelism and door to door visitation, children ministry, conferences and retreats.


  1. Indrapalam
  2. Erumely
  3. Thamavaram
  4. Karim Nagar
  5. Pedapurapudi
  6. Ammireddi Gudem
  7. Swamy Nagar
  8. Gudivada
  9. Tenali
  10. Chokkad
  11. Ippolavaram
  12. Chikirukota
  13. Ayarkunnam
  14. Ethupalamu
  15. Mookkannur

New Projects

To set up an audio and video studio for weekly T.V. programme and radio programme,  For presenting the gospel through the latest technology like multimedia and internet.